Royal Icing Butterflies – FREE Printable

These Royal Icing Butterflies add so much whimsical and extra to your cake, cupcakes or cookies, and best of all they are so easy to make! It’s so much fun to play around with the colors and patterns to make them perfectly match your theme.

Follow the tutorial below to find out how to create yours.

What you need:


Step 1: Download and print the butterfly wings template from our FREE Printable Library
Step 2: Attach the parchment paper on top of the butterfly wings template with for example some tape. In this way you will be able to use the butterfly wings template print as a guide, but pipe on the parchment paper.
Step 3: Carefully outline the wings with a medium consistency icing.Do not add the body of the butterfly (this will be added later).
Step 4: Quickly fill the wings with another color of medium consistency icing (or of course the same color or multiple colors if you’d prefer that!).
Step 5: Then ‘draw’ a pattern on the wings by moving a scribe tool or toothpick from the outside to the inside of the wings.
Step 6: Let your wings dry overnight or at least for a few hours. Carefully fold the cardboard into a V shape and place your wings inside the ‘V’ fold.
Step 7: Pipe the butterfly bodies in between the two wings and let them dry. Start by piping the round head, followed by a line forming the body.

Now you can use them to decorate your cake, cupcakes or cookies! You can attach them to a toothpick with some royal icing and then stick them in the cake, or ‘glue’ them with some royal icing on your cookie. Sometimes the wings need a little support to dry, you can do this by for example putting a little bit of folded parchment paper below the wing.

That’s it!! Please remember to be careful, the wings are very delicate to handle, but oh so beautiful 🙂

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